All about Me

My name is Lori Gilchrist, I am a true believer in God,and in love.I am a happily married woman married to my husband of over 30 years. I have 5 beautiful kids and 2 awesome step kids.Im still raising 2 of my 5 right now. Right now even though this is my online business it is more like a hobby. As it is still growing.Everything I do, I do with my heart.So if you are visiting my website know that you will get nothing less.In my spare time I love family time,but I like to be alone a lot too.My favorite things that I like to do are puzzles,games,I love to watch movies.I'm addicted to Elvis Presley who I believe now took on a new identity under GoD as Pastor Bob Joyce.I love reading stuff on my phone.I love singing,and music. I'm trying to figure out these karaoke apps online,like Smule and starmaker.I like reading,but here's the think I start a book,put it down forget what it is about,than start another lol.In other wards I never get to the ending.Well I'm sure I could mention more to you about me,but then it would take away the mystery of who I am.God Bless Everyone and thank you for dropping by and reading my bio of myself.