The Fix going out of the way to find happy customers

The Fix opened in June 2018.I had found my passion one year while attending college. So when I found it I knew I had to roll with it.I had to get my store name out there. I knew I wanted and had to have it built on honesty,integrity,trendy ,and stylish clothes among other things, but looking for the right pieces to Fix my customers up. I dream of having my own clothing line as well.The Fix when I came up with my store The Fix I had a vision just like everyone that runs these retail stores. I versioned first of all, how I would have my store set up and that is I would have more.

The store would be set up with the idea to give you more. More reasons to look in my direction for your fashions. I wanted a store with different styles and sizes. I didn't want you to pay full price. I wanted to be connected with my customers. I wanted you, the customer to lead me to what you would like to see as far as styles. I wanted this to be your clothing store. I wanted insight on what I could work on to be the best at what my vision is. I also thought how I needed a short but remember able name so I choose

The Fix. The Fix stands for T stands for trendy styles h stands for hands on merchandise. The e stands for extraordinary value and the F stand for family oriented the i in Fix stood for inventory and the x stands for x extraordinary service. The Fix


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